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“I feel much healthier!”

This week’s success story comes from Fit-Mom Joanne Lukowiak of Westfield, who’s not only been a part of GameChanger for the last few years, but trains alongside her 3 daughters who’ve been with us, too!

Joanne’s been coming to GameChanger for a little over 4 years, and in that timeframe she says “I’ve gotten stronger & feel much healthier!”

“I absolutely love GameChanger and look forward to going there daily for an amazing workout!

I have noticed improved strength in my arms, legs and torso.

I am standing taller and have an incredible amount of stamina.

My clothes fit better and I am beginning to look better, too!”

Watch her full story below 🙂

You too can lose weight, feel great, & get the body you deserve.

It all starts with taking the first step.

Click here to schedule a call with us, so we can come up with a game plan to get you started on your fitness journey & set you up with a free Starting Point Session!

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