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How to Achieve ANYTHING

I’ve got a little secret to tell you …

Do you remember as a kid when your parents and teachers told you that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up? That you can be a doctor, or a billionaire, or a famous painter?

Those were such lofty dreams back then, and now they seem so unattainable now.

Heck, people settle for more “realistic” goals nowadays: to get a raise at work, to lose a little weight, to get better grades at school, to get somewhat better at their favorite sport, etc.

But the truth is, anything, big or small, is attainable. I’m not kidding!

You may not believe it, but the sky’s the limit. Whatever dreams you have, there’s usually some kind of way to make it happen.

But here’s the problem – people will stop here, not setting a goal for themselves, nor figuring out a plan to achieve the goal.

To achieve what you want in life, you’ve got to set a goal, and you need to create and follow a plan to achieve it.

You see, people always have these grand ideas of what they’d like, but they never sit down and determine a concrete goal they’d like to achieve.

“I’d like to be comfortable in a bathing suit” is not a suitable goal, neither is “I’d like to do better this season at lacrosse.”

Be concrete, be specific, be detailed, be deadline-bound.

“I will lose 20 lbs of fat by June 1st” is much better. So is “I will score twice as many goals in lacrosse this season than I did last season”.

So you have a specific goal in mind now – great.

How will you achieve it?

“I’ll start working out and go on a diet” is not a plan, and neither is “I’ll train more”.

“I’ll strength train twice a week, walk each day starting out at 20 minutes each time, and be at a 250-calorie deficit.” Now THAT’S a plan!

“I’ll lift weights and work on speed & agility 3x per week and work with a lacrosse coach for three hours each weekend in the off-season.” That is a much better plan, too.

Without a specific goal and a plan to achieve it, you will never get anything you want in life.

Do these two things, and you’ll only become a happier, more successful person with many accomplishments.

Here at GameChanger, we work with many busy adults and young athletes, who want to lose fat and become more competitive, respectively.

We help these people identify their goals, create a plan for them, and put them on a program that will help them reach their fullest potential.

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