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How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

We’ve said a number of times that if you’re looking for a way to reliably lose weight, you should burn more calories than you consume.

That means to exercise more and eat less, but more precisely, it means to start tracking how many calories you consume (so the right amount of calories that will allow you to lose weight.)

A lot of people who start tracking calories, however, have no idea how many they should consume if they want to lose weight.

In the video below, I explain how to determine what number of calories are right for you if you’re interested in fat loss.



This method is one that we find to work the best, and we recommend it to our clients here at GameChanger.

We hope this helps you with your fat loss journey!

And if you’re looking for additional help with your weight loss, we can help you stay on track & achieve your goals!

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