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How Jake’s Bat Speed Increased by 14 MPH

By February 19, 2016Success Stories

February’s GameChanger Senior Athlete of the Month is Jake Altamore!

Jake is junior-year baseball player from Columbia High School who came to GameChanger back in 2014 looking to improve his speed and performance.

Given that he’s in South Orange, it wasn’t easy for Jake to always make it here and train so frequently.

Despite that, he’s still come to GameChanger regularly and has become a more powerful, higher-performing baseball player. Plus, hiss bat speed increased by 14 MPH!

Jake’s an incredibly hard worker and continually makes us proud with his progress, work ethic, and tenacity.

Here’s Jake’s story, as told by his parents:

Jake Altamore“Before GameChanger, Jake was working out at school and participating in various camps and training classes. Jake has completed various speed and agility classes with not-so-great results.  

We first learned about Game Changer when we were at D-BAT one day and I saw a copy of Joe Meglio’s book, The Parent’s Guide To Strength Training For Baseball. The book was a very well thought-out-and-researched guide on how to strength train and improve your body as to become a better player and have better performance on the baseball field.

It made such practical sense we decided to give GameChanger a chance to improve our son.

I think GameChanger has been a great introduction to the world of physical fitness and sports training for Jake. It’s taught him how to train hard for improved performance in sports and that being physically fit makes you a better more confident human being and competitor.

It has also taught him concepts like self-esteem, routine, commitment, dedication, and hard work – all of which will lead to success on AND off the field.

My son has made huge progress since starting his training with GameChanger a year ago. Both the athlete’s classes as well as the specialty programs has greatly increased his playing performance.

All of the trainers at GameChanger are great role models for my boy! They push him to his limits, by encouraging his to push and challenge himself during each and every session! He is a better, more confident player because of GameChanger and the coaches there!

Thanks to the staff at GameChanger for Jake the tools to compete and win!”

-Adam and Debbie Altamore, parents of GameChanger Senior Athlete Jake Altamore

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