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How Does Alcohol Affect Fat Loss

Alcohol is an odd little cookie, at least when it comes to fat loss …

You see, alcohol is its own macronutrient. That means alcohol has calories – 7 calories per gram, to be exact. Whenever you ingest an additional source of calories, you’re either going to slow down fat loss, or even gain weight.

Plus, alcohol is an intoxicant and reduces inhibition, making your more likely to do things you’ll regret – such as eat excessive amounts of junk food and dessert.

But does that mean you absolutely cannot have alcohol at all when trying to lose weight? Or is it possible to have some booze and still shed the pounds?

See my answer below!

These kinds of answers are rarely ever black and white, but it always boils ball sown to one simple concept – as long as you burn more calories than you ingest, you will lose weight!

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