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The Hidden Gem Behind Success in Baseball and Softball

You’re fast? Awesome.

You’re strong? Great.

You can hit the ball further than anyone else on your team? Excellent.

But, how do you deal with the times when things aren’t going your way?

The answer to that question separates good baseball/softball players from great ones, and average players from next-level players. The thing is, it’s something we can’t train in the weightroom.

Baseball and softball are very unique sports, those who are successful 3 times out of 10 at the plate are considered all-stars. Or how about it phrased like this, athletes who are unsuccessful 7 times out of 10 are all-stars. That’s insane!

In order to be the best baseball/softball player you can be, you must develop a “short-term memory”.

By this, I mean that you shouldn’t dwell on the bad times, nor should you cruise on the good times. When walking back to the dugout after an at bat or an inning in the field, the best athletes carry themselves with the same demeanor; if you weren’t watching the game you wouldn’t be able to tell if they just struck out or hit a grand slam!

And why is being able to do this so important? Because focusing on the “now” allows you improve the most. Fixating on the past (on both the good times and bad) only serve as a distraction. What you did yesterday doesn’t matter today.

What you do today matters today.

Let’s make a deal to start today: forget the bad, don’t let the good get to your head, and keep on getting better!

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