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Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Training

It’s common for athletes to become a little overzealous with training.

Some of these guys want to do it all when they hit the gym: bench presses, then curls, then triceps, then lunges, then calf raises, then more curls … you get the idea.

This work ethic and intensity is awesome, but sometimes it can lead an athlete astray when the goal is improving sports performance. Going crazy in the gym can lead to sapped energy & wasted time, or worse, pain & overuse injuries.

By focusing on a few core movements that provide the most bang for your buck, you can use that energy and intensity to crush it in the gym & get results without wasting time or getting hurt.


Nothing is more effective than good ol’ deadlifts. Not only do they strengthen the entire body, but they emphasize the hips, which are essentially athlete’s “engine”.


Squats are king of lower body training. Not only do they improve hip strength & power, but legs too. A stronger squat means a faster sprint, higher jump, & more powerful movement.


Presses with dumbbells, barbells, from the floor, from the bench, at an incline – any pressing variation will complement deadlifts & squats and allow an athlete to better push, block, throw, catch, etc.


Any kind of rowing variation will pair well with pressing to ensure the upper body remains balanced and healthy. A strong row means a reduced chance of shoulder and elbow injury.

Take these four lifts and make them the focus of your training.

You’ll see your strength & performance skyrocket, save time, and have more energy throughout the day.

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