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GameChanger Success Story: Tyler Lee

Every month we give out the “Athlete Of The Month” award to the athlete that shows the most dedication, commitment and improvement. While we have many deserving athletes, I’m really excited to give this months award to Tyler Lee because he is one of the hardest working athletes we have at GameChanger. Tyler is a freshman baseball player at Basking Ridge High School & has been training with us since the winter of 2012.

Every time Tyler is in for a session, the other athletes are amazed by just how strong he is. He has quickly become pound for pound one of our strongest athletes. Tyler is a silent leader – leading by example and showing other athletes that with hard work and determination you can achieve your goals.

Tyler is a model student athlete and we are really excited to see his continued progress, not only on the baseball diamond but in life.

Check out what Tyler’s dad, Chan, had to say about our program:

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“My son Tyler, who is almost 15, started training with GameChanger Strength & Performance in December of 2012. Tyler needed to adjust to big field when he turned to 13 and Joe was just the person who could provide training to be stronger, faster, more agile: all of which is essential to be a better baseball player. Tyler’s batting coach, Bryan, referred him to Joe and he gave us expert advice and training catered to specifically to game of baseball.

We could not be happier now that we witness a huge difference in Tyler in the field physically and mentally as well. He became more confident because he knows that he can hit the ball harder and faster than other kids.

One more positive change that we noticed is how Tyler has much more stamina so when he has to put in more time for homework, he doesn’t get tired and inattentive that easily. I think this kind of training and discipline will carry him through all through out his high school years and then more. Thank you Joe.”[/features_box_yellow]

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