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From The Doctor: The # 2 Risk Factor For Baseball Injuries

In case you missed my last article, I introduced the number one risk factor for baseball players (specifically pitchers) that lead to injury – overuse. Today I wanted to talk about the second risk factor: Poor throwing mechanics.

It makes perfect sense as throwing a baseball is the most violent motion in all of sports, so doing it improperly can cause injury.

Don’t believe me?

Here are some facts:

-Baseball Pitching is the fastest motion in sports. The arm internally rotates at 7,000 degrees per second!

– In the ‘Lay Back’ position of throwing, you have the equivalent of 40 pounds of pressure on the arm. So basically, it’s like hanging a 40- pound plate off your arm every time you cock the arm back to throw.

bill wagner layback

Does this look safe to you?

Obviously, there is a difference between pitching and just throwing, as pitching at max effort will be much more stressful on the arm. However don’t make the mistake of totally excluding position players from practicing good, proper throwing mechanics.

Now being a doctor, I will most often refer out to an expert pitching coach when I suspect my athlete is consistently hurt because of poor mechanics. No injury is ever specifically because of one cause. Most often it is a collection of risk factors that eventually brings the athlete to my office.  I know I cannot just treat the muscle imbalance or joint tightness and not address the mechanical component.

Conclusion: The number one risk factor for pitchers getting injured is overuse. And the combination of overuse plus poor mechanics is simply a recipe for disaster (injury). You cannot address one and not the other! In the end, your son will have the best chance to succeed if he is under the care of a medical/sports performance team, which includes a sports medicine expert, pitching instructor, and strength and conditioning coach.

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Dr. Justin Rabinowitz helps baseball players get healthy. He is a Chiropractor and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a focus on soft tissue therapy, corrective exercise, and functional training. He has an extensive baseball background as he was the team captain at Ramapo College of New Jersey. There, he played first base. In addition to his duties treating patients, Dr. Justin volunteered his time coaching youth baseball this past summer in Westfield, New Jersey. Dr. Justin currently practices at Functional Performance Therapy in Fanwood, New Jersey. To discuss your son’s injury please call (908)288-7049

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