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This Fit-Mom Finally Found a Regimen That Works!

By January 22, 2016Success Stories

This week’s Success Story Friday is about Kate Salko, one of GameChanger’s successful adult athletes and Fit-Moms.

Kate became a member back in the spring of 2014, and since then, has made amazing changes and made awesome progress.

Here’s Kate Story:

gcafter“Before GameChanger, I was weight training, but that was not enough to make changes. I weighed more than I wanted to, and I wasn’t losing any weight. I only had part of the puzzle figured out and needed to take the next step.

Since joining, I couldn’t be any happier. I’ve done workout-and-diet ‘plans’ all of my adult life with some success. The programs here are different and make more sense to me. I’ve made permanent changes that work with my lifestyle and appetite.

With GameChanger, I continue to have success due to eating right (without completely cutting out the ‘treats’), getting online support, and having a well educated expert source to answer my questions. Incorporating all of these factors together makes a regime that works for me.

This gym has become part of my everyday life. When I feel that I’m slipping up, so to speak, I now have the tools to get me back on track. Whatever direction I’m heading towards, there’s a community to lean on.”

-Kate Salko, GameChanger Member and Fit-Mom

P.S. Do you want the same life changing results that Kate has experienced? Getting started at GameChanger is simple & easy. Email us at right now & we’ll send you all the info you need to get started.

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