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GameChanger of the Month Fiona Morales

Congratulations to our Athlete GameChanger of the Month, Fiona Morales!

“Fiona started training with us in the summer of 2015 when she was 12.

She’s grown a lot as both an athlete and a person in that time. She’s one of the most engaging and friendly athletes we have ever had in our program. She’s also an incredible performer and actress!”

– Coach Rob Riccobono

“Fiona has always been such a pleasure to have in the gym.

Her combination of a great and fun loving personality along with an ability to flip a switch and work extremely hard is rare and truly amazing. Not only does she make her own day better, but she can positively impact an entire room and bring the energy through the ceiling.

As great of an athlete and as hard of a worker as she is, her greatest quality is how genuine she is.

She makes friends with anyone and everyone and makes them feel welcome and cared for. I have never seen a session that she wasn’t friends with every single other athlete weather they have been friends for years or they just met that day.

Her fun loving, hard working, and friendly way of life exemplifies what the GameChanger of the Month really is!”

– Coach JT Kotowski

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