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Faith’s Story

“Faith joined GC as a sophomore in High School. I had been a member for over 3 months and knew she would be a great fit for the program. I had watched how well all of the coaches interacted with the student athlete’s and knew she would be in good hands.

GC has been a great experience for Faith. She actually looks forward to going to the gym. She goes in there in a good mood and comes out in even a better mood. She is starting to see significant results from her hard work and is motivated to continue.

Faith has really started to blossom with the help of the GC family. She has grown stronger physically, mentally and emotionally since being a part of the program. I

n October of 2016, Faith decide she was done playing softball. This fall she changed her mind and decided to return to the game. She picked up the bat after almost a year and half and I have to admit I was shocked at how much stronger she had gotten. The ball is coming off the bat with some serious pop.

I don’t have any specifics on bat speed or anything else but I can tell you early into the season she is batting well north of .500 and I will no longer pitch to her without a cage for fear of my own safety. 🙂

Thank you so much Joe, JT, Rob, Mike, Liz, Adam and the whole GC family. You guys are the best!”

– Fred Scott, Adult Athlete & father of GameChanger of the Month Faith Scott

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