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FACT: Focus On This And Play Better

By September 9, 2013Athlete Training

If you’ve been told that strength training is bad because it will make you “tight” or “bulky”, you’ve been given bad information.  Growing up as a baseball player, my old school coaches use to tell me things like strength training is dangerous and it will slow me down. And Instead I should be doing long distance running and lifting light weights for high reps.

I can understand how this can be confusing to you – these coaches mean well and they are seemingly credible sources of information but the truth is, it’s not their job to get baseball players bigger, faster and stronger.

Listening to your old school baseball coach about enhancing your athletic performance, is like me trying to teach somebody how to play football (a sport a never played). Would you go to the dentist if you broke a bone in your body? I don’t think so, so why would you listen to an old school coach who doesn’t understand exactly how the body works and cannot backup their advice with any proven scientific methods?

The truth is if you want to throw harder, run faster and hit the ball with more authority, you need to focus on building a solid foundation of strength, but you don’t have to take my word for it.  According to a research study done by Derenne C, Ho KW and Murphy JC (click here to read), “a review of the literature suggests that throwing velocity can be increased by resistance training and/or biomechanical improvement of the throwing motion”.

You see, building functional baseball strength is like putting more horsepower in a car. The more horsepower you have, the more powerful the engine. With a more powerful engine, you’ll throw harder, run faster and hit the ball with more authority. A stronger engine is also less likely to break down and it will last longer then an engine that is poorly put together.

This is why strength training is a major part of our training at GameChanger Gym.  We understand that no matter how much you work on your throwing, fielding, running and hitting mechanics, you’ll never be able to make meaningful changes if you don’t build a proper foundation of strength.

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