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Erin Found a Program She Can Stick To!

We’d like to give a shout-out to one of our Fit-Moms, Adult Athletes, and this week’s Success Story – Erin Capra!

Erin Capra is a mother of two from Kenilworth who joined us in September of last year alongside a number of other new Fit-Moms.

Before working with us, Erin had trouble sticking to various workout routines, but now she’s found a program that works for her. She comes in consistently and, not only that, she today can deadlift over 200 lbs!

Congratulations, Erin! We’re proud of the hard work you put in every single week. You’re one of the many members that make it exciting to come in everyday and coach!

Before I joined Game Changer I was struggling to find an at-home-work-out routine that I could actually stick to. Between 2 kids, a full-time career, and a crazy travel schedule, holding myself accountable to a work-out routine seemed impossible.

I found out about GameChanger through Facebook. I was looking to lose a few pounds, but also “tone-up” and gain some muscle. The fact that I was joining a program with a bunch of other people who were in the same situation as I was definitely made me feel more comfortable!

GameChanger gives me 45 minutes of sanity each day! It is the time that I can clear my head, get in a great workout, build muscle, and have fun, too.

When I leave the gym, I feel better about myself and what I’ve been able to achieve.

It is a very comfortable environment and the coaches really do motivate and hold you accountable.

I am shocked at how much stronger I am!

Since I started at GameChanger, I’ve realized that there is a work-out routine that can fit within my schedule that I can stick to. I am proud of myself for what I’ve been able to achieve and grateful for the support I receive from my other GameChanger Adult Members.”

– Erin Capra, GameChanger Adult Athlete

You TOO can become a Success Story, just like Erin has.

It all starts with taking the first step.

For more information and to get started, click the links below.

Men –> Click Here.
Women –> Click Here.

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