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Ed is one of our Adult Athletes from Mountainside who came to us looking to change up his workouts.

One big piece that was missing was cardio-exercise; he never enjoyed them, nor did he ever do them on his own.

When he joined GameChanger, he found an enjoyable, sustainable way to train cardio – allowing him to do what he never enjoyed before. He’s not only improved his fitness, but is taking care of his health long-term, too.

“At the time I found GameChanger, I wanted to try something different and challenging when it came to my workouts.

I never enjoyed cardio-style exercises; therefore, I hardly incorporated these into my workouts. But that all changed when I joined GameChanger. They make it easy and entertaining to incorporate these into my workout routine. Their Team Metabolic classes are exactly what I need. The coaches there inspire me to push myself for maximum results.

Since joining GameChanger, I have meet a group of friendly and inspirational people. I highly recommend GameChanger to my friends!”

– Ed Zenker, Adult Athlete from Mountainside NJ

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