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Dietary Staples for Fat Loss

Fat loss is as easy as calories in versus calories out.

So as long as you consume less calories than your body needs to sustain itself during the day, you will tap into your body’s own fat reserves for energy, thus leading to fat loss.

It doesn’t matter if the calories come from vegetables, or meat, or ice cream, or deep fried Nutella cheesecakes – a calorie is still just a calorie, no matter the source.

Now, does that mean you’ll be equally successful in your weight loss regardless of your diet as long as the calories remain the same? Theoretically, yes, but in reality, most people struggle to lose weight on delicious, hyper palatable foods.

That’s why we’ve got a few dietary staples that we recommend for fat loss.

These food groups will help keep you full, nourished, and make your fat loss easier than it would be with other foods.

Watch my video below to see what dietary staples we recommend for fat loss.

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