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Dave is Stronger, Leaner, and his Clothes Fit Better!

This week’s Success Story is none other than Dave Dietzel from Berkeley Heights!

Dave is one of our original Fit-Dads to join GameChanger in early 2014.

He was looking to get back into weight training and get into better – and he got exactly that.

Dave lost weight, has more energy, and got loads stronger – he can even deadlift 315lbs with ease!

Here’s what he had to say:

“I joined the original fit dads challenge as I was approaching 40 years old and wanted to get less running and more weight training. I met Joe and once I learned what he and his coaches were about, I was hooked.

It has been awesome thus far. I have really gotten back into lifting weights like I once did in college and I feel great. I have more energy, my clothes fit better and I perform better when playing pickup basketball, when skiing, or when, golfing.

It has refocused my whole family on fitness. My wife, who previously did only “fitness classes”, now lifts weights. My kids, too, talk about going to the gym and getting exercise all the time. My son loves the occasions when I bring him to GameChanger and he gets to run around the turf after class.

Getting back into weight training combined with cardio (like we do at GameChanger) has given me a ton more energy to play with my kids and participate in their events as a coach, etc. It has also enabled me to make a bunch of new friends – including the coaches- who help push me further when I workout.”

– David Dietzel, GameChanger Fit-Dad and Adult Athlete

You TOO can achieve these results – fat loss, leaning out, gaining energy, and getting stronger.

It all starts with taking the first step.

Click below to see how we can help you get started.


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