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How Dan Lost an Inch Off His Waist in His First 3 Weeks

This week’s Adult Success Story is on Dan Levy, father and youth soccer coach from Springfield.

Dan had been looking to improve his fitness, but the monotony and lack of direction with regular gyms had held him back.

He found us on Facebook during the holidays and joined GameChanger right after New Year’s as a part of our 21-Day Jumpstart.

He lost an inch off of his waist during the jumpstart, and has been one of our member’s ever since. He’s gotten stronger and still continues to work hard toward his goals to this day.

Here’s what Dan had to say:

“ ‘GameChanger’ is appropriately named, because they do just that. They have definitely changed the game for me.

After many years of going to the same old gym and doing standard exercises, I had become so bored – in fact, so much so, that I simply stopped going to the gym. I happened to stumble upon a post for GameChanger on Facebook and figured, why not try to re-kick start my health and wellness approach (or lack thereof) with something new. That was one of the best decisions I have made in a really long time.

The staff at GameChanger are not only extremely experienced, but more than anything, these people are FUN and MOTIVATING. Missing a class is not something I even think about because I look forward to going every single day.

The class times are super flexible. Sometimes, I go in the morning and, other times, I go at night. In either case, I know I will have a coach that will give me a great workout. If you are sick and tired of the same boring routines in your current gym, or if you are looking to get started with a healthier life – trust me – this is where you want to be.

It does not matter what level of fitness you are in. These small group classes have people of varying levels of fitness. Everyone uses different weights, reps, and variations based on their own abilities. No one here feels intimidated. Everyone gets the right amount of ‘challenge’ to get them to the next level.

They have a great 21-day trial. That’s how I got started. For me, there has been no looking back.”

Dan Levy, GameChanger Adult Athlete and Member

P.S. Do you want the same life changing results that Dan has experienced? Getting started at GameChanger is simple & easy. Email us at right now & we’ll send you all the info you need to get started.

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