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Should I Come In to Train Today?

A frequent concern that I see in our athletes is when they should train versus when they shouldn’t.

Most questions start with “I have to do (X) today” and end with “should I come train beforehand?” They’re all great questions and they have led to the creation of the reference sheet at the end of this article!

All great athletes want to train. As much as they should be training as consistently as possible, there sure are some exceptions to that rule.

I’ll explain to you when an athlete should train, and the times that they definitely should not train.

When in doubt, reference the information posted below!

“Yes, You SHOULD Train Today”

1. “I had a game yesterday and I’m sore, should I train today?”

Soreness shouldn’t be a reason not to train because not only can we work around specific injuries, it is actually beneficial to a sore body to move again the next day to get blood flowing around your body to help expedite recovery.

2. “I hurt my arm/leg, should I train today?”

As coaches, we have no issue at all working with injured athletes because we believe it’s still extremely important to strength train when possible. What we’ll do is just work around the affected area.

3. “I trained yesterday, should I train today?”

When training consistency is key because athletes who have the highest work capacity (highest ability to train, move, and perform for a long period of time) will naturally have an advantage in competition. To achieve this, you want to be training anywhere from 3-5 days per week.

No, You SHOULDN’T Train Today

1. “I have a game tonight, should I train today?”

Athletes strength train to get better in their specific sport/sports so the goal is to be able to perform as best as possible every single time out on the field. If you’re tired during your game from your training session, we’re actually becoming counter productive. Focus on your game, and come in another day that week!

2. “I’m feeling under the weather, should I train today?”

Stay home, rest up, get healthy and train harder when you’re ready!

With this guide, you can train as much as possible and demolish the competition, but also know when to take it easy and give your body a break!

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