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My Child Can’t Touch Their Toes: What Should I Do?

If your athlete lacks flexibility, and can’t even perform a proper toe touch, that’s okay.

This sort of thing is common, especially with young athletes, who seem to have poor flexibility.

First of all, the toe touch should NOT be the measuring stick for adequate flexibility and here’s why:

Some kids just don’t know how to touch their toes!

Growing children are placed in an awkward battle with their bodies as they continue to grow because they struggle to keep up with their physical growth. Their limbs have become longer, their arms are further from their feet, and they just aren’t aware of how to move their bodies efficiently yet; that’s life!

In this case when the child is asked to touch their toes, the strategy to do so is actually what is preventing them from accomplishing the task.

When athletes attempt the toe touch, they usually just lean straight forward (mistake one) and a completely flat back (mistake two), which actually throws their hands way out in front of their feet.

A proper toe touch is performed when the athletes’ hips shoot back as they reach down. Their backs also need to round slightly to reach down and touch their toes. Yes, they do need to round over slightly – it is pretty much impossible for anyone to touch their toes without some slight back rounding.

When the athlete using the incorrect pattern finally learns the correct technique, sometimes they are actually able to touch their toes right away – seriously, it can be instantaneous!

For the individuals who just flat out can’t touch their toes even with the correct pattern; there is no need to worry.

With the correct consistency of coming into GameChanger and performing some stretches leaned in class at home on a daily basis, this issue will clean itself up!

Long story short parents, don’t stress about the toe touch test because your young athlete will either learn how to fix it or work on the correct drills daily until they fix it themselves!

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