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Candy – the Real “Devil” this Halloween

By October 23, 2020Uncategorized

Halloween is almost here.

And that means CANDY.

Sugar, fat, and everything delicious.

Every Halloween, we go out, buy a bag (or 5) for trick-or-treaters…

…and somehow, a good portion of it ends up in our own mouths.

If only candy could have no calories and taste just as good!

Well, we know that’s not possible.

And we know Halloween candy is fattening.

VERY fattening!

Just a few pieces of Halloween candy has the same calories as a plate of grilled chicken breast & steamed broccoli.

So, if you’re like me…

and you struggle each year with the bolus of sugar and fat on October 31st…

… then I’ve got some tips for you to keep the candy out of your mouth this year!

#1 – Only Buy What You Need

If you only get 12 or 13 trick-or-treaters each year, why would you buy 3 jumbo bags of candy?

Excess candy means there’s plenty to share in your own household.

And that guarantees that you’ll be eating some of it too.

Err on the side of buying less.

If you run out early, the neighborhood kids have plenty of other houses to visit.

Seriously, don’t feel bad!

They’ll be fine!

#2 – Keep Yourself AWAY From the Candy Bowl

If you’re not actually near the candy, how are you supposed to eat it?

It’s like an alcoholic…

If they aren’t near any alcohol, then he or she won’t relapse.

So, I suggest you keep the bowl of candy right by the front door.

Keep yourself busy so you’re not just waiting around for kids to ring the doorbell.

That way, as the day goes by, you aren’t mindlessly reaching into the bowl and eating candy!

#3 – Give Away Your Candy the Next Day

Once it’s November 1st, there is ZERO reason for you to have Halloween candy.

Yeah, sometimes you’ve got extra the next day, but that will eventually make it into your stomach.

Find a food drive or charity you can give your candy to.

There are people out there who’d appreciate having a sweet treat.

You’d be helping someone else’s family out while keeping yourself thin.

Do it – you’ll thank me later.