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Benefits of Goblet Squats & Why You Should Do Them

The goblet squat is amazing tool to learn the squat pattern as a complete beginner. It allows almost anyone to get down into the correct position, and even load it up with some weight to elicit strength gains.

As soon as we learn the squat pattern and feel strong enough, it is extremely common to just ditch the goblet squat. But, Is it an exercise we should hold onto?

If I could barbell squat then what is the point of doing a goblet squat, right?

Barbell squats, dumbbell squats, kettlebell squats, sandbag squats, medicine ball squats, or whatever variation you may think of, they’re all the same; It’s just the load that changes.

However, there are plenty of benefits to re-visiting and performing goblet squats:

Perfecting the Squat Pattern After Learning It

Believe it or not strength training is an art and a skill – one that takes plenty of practice to become efficient and stay efficient in.

Not only are goblet squats a great learning tool for the squat, but it’s also get for practicing & grooving the perfect pattern for even the most experienced and strong lifters.

Professional football teams don’t play at 100% every single day (they save it for Sundays). Same thing applies to squats – you don’t have to squat with heavy loads all the time. Take a day each week to practice the correct pattern and be prepared for your big squat day.

Developing Core Strength

Summer is right around the corner and most of you are probably spending time daily doing some crunches or sit-ups trying to get that summer bod ready.

So you want a stronger core? Look no further, ditch the crunches and squat a heavy dumbbell.

The natural position of the weight is pulling you forward. When done correctly (in order not to fall) you have to brace your core to stand up tall. Think of it as a really heavy static core exercise!

Developing Lower Body Strength

You may think you’re too strong for goblet squats, but let me give you a heavy dumbbell and make you do some slow-lowering reps, and we’ll see if you still think so. Goblet squats have great potential to get those legs extremely strong!

Don’t neglect goblet Squats. Grab yourself a heavy dumbbell, use perfect technique, and crush some reps.

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