Get Stronger, Faster & Quicker While Building Confidence

At GameChanger, Your Child Will...

Get Stronger

They’ll get stronger and bulletproof their body from any possible injuries so they can stay healthy all season long.

Start At Their Level

They’ll train in a program that matches their current ability. They will NOT be put in some cookie-cutter program.

Get Faster

They’ll improve their speed so they can run as fast as possible. Speed kills and often times is the deciding factor in a game or contest.

Small Group Workouts

Every session is in a small group with their own coach. No overcrowded classes they’ll get lost in or feel like a number.

Gain Confidence

Kids with better self-confidence & self-esteem, get better grades, have better behavior & are more likely to be leaders on & off the field.

Get Results & Respect

They’ll increase their athleticism and build explosive power so they will gain the respect that they deserve from their coaches.

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Here’s How the Program Works


Free Trial Workout

During the free trial workout, we’ll assess your child’s current level of fitness so we create a plan for them to reach their goals


Choose Your Membership

We’ll  go over exactly what your child needs to do to achieve their goals and we’ll reccomend which membership is best for them to get started.

Choose Your Membership


$179 / mo

Up To 5 Sessions / Mo
$36 Per Session


$299 / mo

Up To 9 Sessions / Mo
$33 Per Session


$369 / mo

13 Sessions / Mo
$28 Per Day

Scheduling Is Simple, Easy & Flexible

Sessions are offered 6 days a week & you don’t have to commit to specific days or times. Just choose the sessionss that work best for you each week.

Get Your Child Started Now!

If you want your child become faster, stronger, & more confident, get started now with a free trial workout

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is this program for?

Our program is for boys & girls in middle school & high school who want to get stronger and faster while building self-confidence and self-esteem. Your child will workout with like-minded kids around their own age.

How many athletes will be in each session?

All sessions are done in a small group with 1-2 handful of like-minded athletes. This small group allows us to personalize the workout for each athlete based off their current level of fitness and goals.

How long are the workouts?

The sessions are 60-minutes long. Each session includes: a dynamic warm-up, speed & agility training, power development, strength training & conditioning.

What if my child has never worked out before?

Don’t worry! We work with each athlete individually so the workouts meet them at their level of fitness.

Is your program sport specific?

Our program is “Athlete Specific”. If I have two athletes who play the same sport & the same position – that doesn’t mean they will have the same program. Each athlete has individual needs and start at different levels. While the sports they play is a consideration in designing their program, we focus on designing programs specific to their athlete.

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