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Are You Ready to Begin Strength Training?

By September 2, 2015Adult Fitness

You want to start exercising to improve your body and overall health, but you’re worried that your body isn’t ready.  What if you think you’re not strong enough or too inexperienced to train with weights? Do you think you’re too old, or worry an old injury will hold you back?

Here’s the good news: None of these factors should prevent you from strength training. It doesn’t matter what age or experience level you’re starting at. All strength training movements can be tailored to your fitness level.

Exercise Selection

Any exercise that challenges you with resistance can improve your muscle mass, bone health, and burn body fat. That means if a squat with just your body weight is challenging for you, then that’s a form of strength training! Whether you’re using 5lbs of 50lbs for an exercise doesn’t matter, so long as it challenges the individual.


Some people shy away from training because they don’t think they can keep up with the pace of a workout, specifically higher-intensity fat loss workouts. The same principle that applies for exercise selection applies here. The important thing is to move at a pace that is challenging for YOU. If you are at fitness level A and you perform the same workout as someone of fitness level B, the two of you don’t need to train at the same pace to get the same benefit. If you need to take 2 minutes of rest between each set and your counterpart only needs 30 seconds of rest, as long as you both perform the movements and are challenged in the same way, you’ll both get results!

Movement Limitations

If there are certain exercises you can’t perform due to past or current injury, there are plenty of alternatives. There are no essential or magical exercises for improving your body. There are so many exercise variations and pieces of exercise equipment today that there are plenty of movements you can do pain-free to build lean muscle and burn fat.
Have bad knees? No problem, you can use lower body exercises that focus on your butt and hamstrings. Do you have shoulder or back issues? So does the majority of the population- there are various ways to work around those issue to make sure you don’t exercise in pain and you can get a great training effect. Unless you have a severe condition, a trained fitness professional will have exercise variations at his/her disposal that are appropriate for you.

The Time is Now

Don’t wait any longer to begin a workout program. It’s okay if you aren’t “in-shape”- that’s the whole point of starting the program! Starting anything new can be intimidating: a new school, job, relationship, etc. Reflect on how those experiences influenced you for the better. Strength training will benefit you in the same way.
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