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Are All Training Methods For Baseball Players Created Equal?

One of the biggest misconceptions about strength and conditioning for baseball players is that all training methods are created equal.

 While there isn’t any one way to get results, all training methods are certainly not created equal. If this were the case, wouldn’t all strength and conditioning coaches produce the same results?

 If your goal is to maximize your baseball potential, make sure you find a coach who’s method revolves around improving relative body strength.

 Relative body strength refers to how well you can handle your own bodyweight. While many facilities and coaches will try to sell you on sport specific workouts, or speed workouts, the truth is without a solid foundation of relative body strength, training for speed and power will not make you a better baseball player.

 Think about a car. If your goal were to accelerate as fast as possible, would you rather have more or less horsepower (horsepower = relative body strength) ?

 Obviously you are going to want more horsepower. Having a strength and conditioning coach who understands that increasing relative body strength is the key to throwing and hitting the ball harder (especially for younger ball players) is critical.

So before you hire a strength and conditioning coach, make sure you ask them what their training philosophy is. If it doesn’t revolve around increasing relative body strength, improving proprioception (body awareness), and proper body mechanics they are missing the boat.

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