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Andrea is in Less Pain and Moves More Comfortably!

This week’s success story is is Fit-Mom Andrea Vranken from Westfield!

Andrea began working with us this year early in the spring – her goals at the time were to improve her levels of strength and overall health.

In the process of training with us 2x per week since March, she’s not only become stronger, but her pain from past injuries has decreased!

Living without pain is something a lot of us take for granted – but for those living with it, even regular daily activities become a burden. We are glad that training at GameChanger has relieved Andrea of some of her pain and improved her well-being.

It’s inspiring to see someone like Andrea overcome these obstacles and become more fit in the process.

Anyway – check out what she’s had to say!

“Before joining GameChanger, I was trying different exercise routines and even started training by myself without much success. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and right shoulder which caused me to become very stressed. I was in constant pain and the lack of motion interfered with my everyday activities and work schedule. It even precluded me from having a good night’s sleep.

I found GameChanger online and I became interested in their concepts. I noticed it did not have exercise machines and did not look like a regular gym. I called to make an appointment and I met with Joe – the fact that he referred me to a Specialist for evaluation made me more confident in the program’s ability to help me overcome my body’s limitations.

My experience at GameChanger has been great. I leave the workouts without pain or discomfort. I look forward to going back every week.

The biggest difference I see in myself over these three months is that I can move more comfortably and I feel stronger.

I am not in pain every second of the day now! My range of motion has improved dramatically and, although I still have to be very careful on how I move during the day, I can feel the difference!”

– Andrea Vranken, GameChanger Adult Athlete and Fit-Mom

Congratulations, Andrea! Keep up the amazing work!

You TOO can become a Success Story, just like Andrea has.

It all starts with taking the first step.

Click below to see how you can get started at GameChanger.


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