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How This Once Unathletic Kid Changed His Life

By December 11, 2015Success Stories

Before GameChanger, I was an unathletic kid who never really loved to workout or play sports. I was always picked last for anything and I hated gym. But one day, I wanted to change and I was willing to do anything to get there.

I was introduced to GameChanger by my cousins who were already training at GameChanger and have already showed a lot of progress after a few short months.

Training at GameChanger has been the best experience of my life. It showed me a new world – one where I love to get stronger and lose weight. With GameChanger, I have lost over 60 pounds and and am stronger than I’ve ever been.

I love the progress I have made. It all has happened in less than two years, and I have many more years here at GameChanger.

Attachment-1Gamechanger has changed my life in so many ways: emotionally, in my confidence, and in my lifestyle. I love the feeling I get when the family members I haven’t seen in a year can’t recognize me. They say I look so different and muscular and skinny.

Life in general is so much better. I don’t feel tired all the time. Joining GameChanger was the best decision I ever made. I started here at  a pudgy 235 pounds and now I’m a lean 165 lbs, that loves to play sports and workout.

-Alec Piscitelli, GameChanger Member for Life

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