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Alberta’s Now Committed to Getting the Results She Wants

This week’s Success Story is about one of our newer Adult Athletes – Alberta Stewart!

Alberta found us this past August when she was looking to improve her fitness and get back into shape.

With a full-time job and family to take care of, she struggled to work out on her own.

Since joining GameChanger, she’s been training at least 3 times per week – gaining energy and having her clothes fit better in the process!

“Before joining GameChanger, I was struggling to exercise on my own.

I saw GameChanger’s training program on Facebook and it reminded me of the kind of workouts I did when I was in the best shape of my life.

During my 21 Day Jumpstart, I actually enjoyed waking up at 5 am to come in and exercise! (I still can’t believe it, either!)

I felt like I had accountability here during my Jumpstart – it was like there was a “force factor” that kept me coming back!

The workouts are tough but very doable and I never felt like I didn’t want to come back. The staff is very encouraging, too!”
– Alberta Stewart, GameChanger Fit-Mom and Adult Athlete

Good work, Alberta! We’re proud of how much hard work you’ve done in such little time! Keep it up!

You TOO can become a success story, just like Alberta has.

It all starts with taking the first step.

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