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8 Weight Loss Myths that Need to Die

We’ve all heard of the secrets, strategies, tips, etc. that can help us lose fat, and lose it quickly!

Unfortunately, many of these “tips” are actually just myths, and they can even impede your fat loss.

Check them out …

#1 – Do This 15-Minute Booty Blaster Routine to Make Your Posterior Look Awesome! Yeah… there’s no such thing as a certain ”routine” that will make a certain part of your body look different. This is known as “spot reduction” and has been disproven by the scientific community years ago.

#2 – Fat Burners Help Raise Your Metabolism and Melt Body Fat. Certain drugs and supplements claim to be able to raise your metabolism high enough to elicit fat loss. Many don’t even work, and the ones that do can have serious health consequences!

#3 – Skipping Breakfast Will Slow Down Your Metabolism. Prolonged periods (e.g., days) without eating will slow down the metabolism due to your body’s survival mechanisms. But skipping breakfast? Not really. If you enjoy breakfast and it keeps you full, by all means, have it! But don’t force yourself to have it if you normally don’t.

#4 – Eat Like a King for Breakfast, and Like a Pauper for Dinner. This thinking falls in-line with point #2. Really, it’s all about personal preference. As long as you consume less calories than you burn off, no matter when you have the bulk of your calories, you will lose weight.

#5 – Cardio Burns Tons of Calories and Is ESSENTIAL for Fat Loss. Cardio is simply a way of burning more calories – and so is strength training. One can technically not workout and still lose weight, as long as daily calories are low enough.

#6 – Avoid Strength Training as It Adds Bulk and Weight. Very few people can gain muscle while they’re cutting calories to lose weight … But, strength training WILL force your body NOT to burn off muscle, making your metabolism as fast as ever while giving you that toned, tight look.

#7 – Train 3x per Week to Avoid Over/Undertraining. Some people can workout 6x per week and still have tons of energy. Others can barely manage twice per week without feeling beat up. Train however many times you feel comfortable with, and you can still lose weight.

#8 – Avoid Carbs/Fat/Gluten/Dairy/Etc. to Lose Weight More Quickly. There’s no magic solution to fat loss. Sure, people may feel better avoiding an excess of certain macronutrients or food groups. But, fat loss will always revolve around burning off more calories than you consume, which means you need to eat less and move more.

We all know someone who swears by ones of the “tips” – but it stands that none of the 8 “tips” above will actually help you burn fat.

They’re still just myths!


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