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5 Ways to Control Your Calories When Eating Out

By April 12, 2014Nutrition

by Game Changer Strength and Nutrition Coach Rob Riccobonodining out

When trying to stay in shape, it’s good to control as much of your diet as possible. But it’s always helpful to have balance, and part of that balance includes going out to eat. Who doesn’t enjoy some fine dining? Here are 5 ways to help you control your calories when dining out.

1. Ask for nutrition breakdowns– Most restaurants will have nutritional informational for their meals. Look for items that are low in fat, as they will most likely be the lowest calorie options available.

2. Drink a whey protein shake before going out– Whey is very satiating. Having a shake before your meal can fill you up and prevent over-indulgence during your meal, and it will also help you meet your protein needs.

3. Hold the cheese or “special sauce”- This is what often makes those tasty dishes so costly to your caloric budget. Remove the cheese or special dressing, and you can save the calories while keeping much of the taste.

4. Choose a salad instead of an appetizer– A hearty salad can be a healthy replacement to a fatty appetizer, and you will still have enough of an appetite to enjoy your favorite entrée. Ask for a low-fat dressing, or stick with balsamic vinegar and a dash of olive oil.

5. Order a diet soda with your entrée– A diet soda can fill you up and even satisfy that sweet tooth so you’ll be less apt to order a dessert. And yes, diet sodas ARE calorie free. Some people fear the unknown health consequences of artificial sweeteners, but for many people, diet soda can curb overeating of sweets. This can prevent the known, adverse health effects from excess body fat and obesity.

healthy dining out

A healthy diet doesn’t have to mean a boring life. With moderation, you can remain lean and have more freedom with eating than you think. There are some people who are afraid to go to parties, eat out with family, or even go on dates because of their diets. This thinking is not only harmful to your mental health, but is also unnecessary. I promise, you can learn to reach your physique goals without stressing about your meals.

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