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5 Critical Areas All Athletes Must To Focus On

To become a great athlete, there’s a lot of areas that athletes need to focus on and it’s not as simple as just working out on your own or with your team. There’s specific areas that every athlete should focus on if they are looking to maximize their potential.

More important then these areas is how you are performing in each of these areas.  If you’re doing all 5 of these things but it’s not done properly then you may being more harm then good. It’s important to know that more isn’t always better. Quality technique will always trump quantity. 

Proper Warm-up

A proper warm-up is critical for preparing your body for a workout, game or practice so you can perform at your best while preventing injuries. A warm-up should raise your core body temperature while activating the muscles you’re going to use and increase range of motion in areas that are often tight.


Every athlete wants to get faster and sprints are one of the best ways to accomplish this. The key isn’t how many sprints you do, but instead the quality of each sprint you do. Since most sports are played in acceleration, most athletes should focus on short sprints to develop an explosive first step.


Jumps are one of the best ways to improve lower body power. Increased lower body power will help you run faster because you’ll be able to produce more force. The more force you produce, the faster you will run.

Med Ball Throws

Whether you’re a baseball player looking to throw harder or hit with more power, a football player who wants to get explosive off the line, or a wrestler looking to be more explosive, med ball throws are one of the best ways to develop full body power. Similar to sprints, it’s not about more many you do, but instead the quality and intensity of each throw.

Strength Training

Your strength is your foundation and without it, you won’t be able to maximize other physical attributes like speed, power and endurance. Proper strength training always starts with your own bodyweight first, and you should only progress when you have earned your right to.

These are 5 of the main areas we focus on at GameChanger with all of our athletes. If you’re child is interested in maximizing their athletic performance, we invite you to schedule a FREE ASSESSMENT by clicking here. During the assessment, we’ll create a game plan to help your child reach their goals.

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