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5 Best Weight-Gaining Foods

Need to put on some weight?

Start including these foods in your diet!

#1 – Healthy Fats

Including more healthy fats, such as olive oil or coconut oil, in your diet is a sure way to easily up your calories, and subsequently gain weight.

#2 – Starchy Carbs

Carbs, as “controversial” as they are, are absolutely essential for activity and athletics. Starches, such as rice, potatoes, & pasta, are an easy way to consume a large amount of carbs. This will give you more energy plus more calories for added size! (Bonus – use those healthy fats to cook your starches for a 1-2 punch!)

#3 – Sugary (or, Fruity) Carbs

Pure sugar may not be the best thing to consume, healthwise, but when has fruit ever been considered unhealthy? They are an awesome source of natural sugars, can provide a quick boost in energy, and be a sweet, delicious source of extra calories. Go for denser fruits here – bananas, grapes, as well as dried fruits like raisins, dates, & apricots.

#4 – Whole Milk!

Barring any allergies or digestive issues, athletes can benefit from the fats, carbs, proteins, and vitamins & minerals found in whole milk. A single cup has 150 calories & 8 grams of protein. Start drinking it more throughout the day and watch the muscle pile on! (Bonus – use whole milk to make a delicious, additive-free version of homemade chocolate milk!)

#5 – More of the Same Ol’ Food

Simply eating more of the same foods can be very appropriate weight gain. If you’re struggling to eat more and gain weight while eating 3 meals per day, adding a fourth & fifth meal is the easiest way to bump up your caloric intake without letting satiety get in the way.

Remember, hard training and lots of food go hand-in-hand.

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