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3 Ways to Demolish a Weight Loss Plateau

Has your weight loss came to a screeching halt?

The following tips will help you overcome your weight loss plateau. Check them out.

1. Start a Food Journal

Consuming less food is important for fat loss. And surely, you’ve cut back as you’ve lost weight.

But do you truly know what you’re eating every single day? If not, you may think you’re eating less, but food and calories can creep into your diet (think: snacking) and impede your fat loss.

A food journal keeps you 100% aware and honest of what you’re consuming. This accountability will ensure that when you say “I’ll eat less”, you’re actually eating less.

2. Sprinkle in Some Gentle Cardio

Training more is another way of overcoming a weight loss plateau, but adding another workout each week is not feasible for most people.

So what’s the alternative? Gentle cardio.

And by gentle cardio, I mean walking to the store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, joining your kids during playtime instead of just watching over them, etc.

There’s got to be one way to change the way you do things that will allow for more movement. Find it, do it, and watch the weight begin to melt off again.

3. Engage Yourself in the Process

Mindlessly dieting and working out makes weight loss a drag.

You’ve got to start caring about the process. When you care, you get results.

If you don’t “care”, you can start by engaging yourself in the process.

For example: think about the significance of reducing your alcohol and dessert consumption … Let’s say that saves you 1000 calories per week. That’s 14 pounds of fat in one year!

Another example: imagine what’s happening to your body when you perform a set of 10 challenging squats … Your heart-rate shoots up, your brain is sending huge signal to your legs muscles so they contract, your muscles deplete themselves of energy and are frantically trying to regenerate … The body is an amazing piece of machinery, and by using it, we allow it to work even better. Amazing!

By engaging yourself with the process, you begin to care. And when you care, you will lose weight.

Follow these 3 tips, say goodbye to your plateau, and say hello to weight loss!

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