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3 Tips to Stay Consistent with Your Fat Loss

By August 31, 2016Adult Fitness

With fat loss, there is one quality that everyone needs to have if they want to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good…

That quality is consistency.

Without consistency, there is no guarantee that you will hit your weight loss goal, or keep any of the weight off in the long-run.

If you’re not sure if your fat loss plan is consistent or not, check out these consistency tips below.

If you aren’t following them already, start today and make your weigh loss plan more consistent!

1. Make exercise a habit.

Have you ever had a bad habit (picking your nose, chewing with your mouth open, etc.) and realized how hard it is to stop after doing it for so long?

Habits are activities we’ve done so regularly for such a long time, that they’ve become second-nature.

You need to make your training a habit!

By committing yourself to the same workout schedule week-in and week-out, your training your brain to become accustomed to the regular exercise.

Doing this will turn training into something your body will want to do!

2. Keep a food diary.

People too often “try” to eat better, but rarely do they make much improvement to their diets.

This is because these folks hardly realize what they’re eating everyday.

Sure, that salad you opted to have for lunch was a good decision, but what about the chocolate bar you had as a guilty snack later in the afternoon? This may not appear to be a big deal, but it can negate your low-calorie lunch, putting your back at square-one!

Food diaries help you realize certain eating patterns you have and highlight the areas you can improve in.

If you see that for an entire week you had a chocolate bar after your healthy lunch, you may be inclined to stop having that candy bar!

The food diary keeps you honest and consistent with your diet.

3. Weigh yourself every week, NOT every day.

In a given day, your bodyweight can fluctuate +/- 5 lbs, or even more!

These fluctuations make daily tracking of your bodyweight somewhat inaccurate and misleading.

So, instead of weighing yourself daily and freaking out over the 0.2 lbs you gained since yesterday, just weigh yourself once a week.

Sure, the weight measurements can still be affected by weight fluctuations, but if your weight hasn’t gone done in four weeks of weigh-ins, you know for sure you haven’t lost weight.

Compare that to weighing yourself 7 days in a row – you won’t know for sure if the changes were due to fat loss or daily fluctuations!

Weekly measurements are more accurate and less stress-inducing. Do weekly measurement instead!

There you have it folks – three strategies to help keep you consistent in your fat loss efforts.

If you’re looking to lose weight but aren’t sure where to start, we can help.

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