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3 Tips from Professional Athletes

We’re often given tons of advice on how to become a better athlete from many different people.

Sure, all of this advice is usually given with good intentions, but is the advice always worth taking seriously every single time?

Sometimes, we’ve got to have a bit of caution when listening to others, because what they say won’t always be what’s best when trying improve as an athlete.

Of course there are those whose reputations have proved them to be knowledgeable when it comes to sports – and their advice is worth its weight in gold.

Pro athletes, the ones who have found the formula for success, are definitely those we should listen to.

Check out some of these awesome tips from 3 professional athletes that we’ve found.

Steven Jackson, running back, New England Patriots:

Jackson is a huge fan of posterior-chain work, especially hamstrings-dominant exercises such as the leg curl and glute-ham-raise.

“You can help prevent hamstring-pulls. If you have strong hamstrings, you’ll be faster and you’ll be able to withstand the positions you’re put in.”

Andy Scott, Ultra-Endurance Mountain Biker and Ski Mountaineer:

Scott is an ultra-endurance athlete that completed a 100-mile bike race through the Rocky Mountains in 8 hours. He is a huge believer in developing mental toughness

“Visualization is a piece of the training that is incredibly important. You don’t have to do anything physically—you can be meditating or walking, anything where you’re in your mind, playing it out in advance. You’re imagining the start, the route, the competition, those points that your body is saying, “stop”, or that you’re suffering. You’re mentally training yourself to push through those barriers.”

Dr. Gary Hall, Olympic swimmer, 3-time-medalist

Hall attributes a lot of his success to goal-setting – but not just any kind of goal-setting. They must be effective enough to be able to spur action and motivate progress.

“The two most important parts of setting goals are that you write them down and that you put them someplace where you can see them every day. I usually recommend the bathroom mirror or refrigerator door, two places I know you will always look.”

When we sift through the clutter and find the most effective and proven advice, we’re able to modify our training, lifestyles, and mindset in a way that will only help us become amazing athletes.

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