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3 Quick and Effective Cardio Routines

by Game Changer Strength and Nutrition Coach Rob Riccobonotreadmill feet

Resistance training and proper nutrition are the two most important habits for building a lean physique. This one-two punch controls your calories while building lean muscle, and introducing another source of calorie burn will increase the chances of fat burning even more. You may have a busy schedule and think you don’t have time for more exercise, but there are effective ways to burn a ton of calories in no more than 20 minutes! Here are 3 fat-slashing routines you can perform when your time is limited.

Elliptical Intervals: Most gym goers will hop on the elliptical and move along at a leisurely pace for up to an hour. The calories burned per minute at this pace are extremely low. Opt for a more efficient approach and burn the same amount of calories in less time. Bump up the resistance and complete your workout in 10 minutes with an “on/off” approach. Go “all out” on the elliptical for 20 seconds (on), followed by 40 seconds of rest (off). Repeat this step for the next 9 minutes. You can replicate this approach on almost any cardio machine. You’ll be sweating like you never have before.

bike cardio

Workouts on cardio machines do not have to be long and boring.

Dr. Norton’s Bicycle Workout– Here’s a stationary bike routine designed by bodybuilder and nutritional scientist Dr. Layne Norton. The instructions:

1. Start out by warming up for 5 minutes at half of the bike’s max resistance.

2. After 5 minutes, pedal as fast as you can for 10 seconds.

3. Then, increase the resistance to the max and still pedal as fast as you can. Continue this for 20 seconds.

4. Go back to an easy pace and resistance for 90 seconds.

5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until you hit 15 minutes

Good luck convincing your body that you were only on the bike for 15 minutes after this fat-busting routine.

Sprints- Not a track and field athlete? No worries. This is about burning fat in a short amount of time, not setting a world record in the 100 meter dash. So what’s the method? Find an open field or track, any surface that will be comfortable for your feet. Sprint for 15 seconds as fast as you can, almost as if a lion were chasing after you. Rest for a full 2.5 minutes. Repeat 3-5 times.


Sprinting burns fat more effectively than long-distance running, and is better for preserving lean body mass.

Begin by introducing two cardio workouts a week. If fat loss stalls, slowly increase the length of these routines or your total cardio sessions per week. These routines are short and simple, and they will help you reach your goals without sacrificing too much of your precious, free-time.

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