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3 Speed Training Myths Exposed

Myth # 1 – Using The Speed And Agility Ladder To Get Faster

The speed and agility ladder is a popular tool used by many coaches with the goal of improving foot speed.  While it’s a good tool for young athletes to improve coordination and basic footwork, the agility ladder will not make you faster.

If we lined up two athletes next to each other and had them race to first base who do you think would win: Player A, who took more strides or Player B, who took less strides?  Player B would win the race because each stride he takes is more powerful, producing more force and propelling him forward faster.

Player A needs to take more frequent strides because he can’t produce as much force with each foot strike compared to Player B.  Even though his feet are moving faster, he’s not going as far. In other words, getting faster doesn’t have to do with having “quick feet”.  In fact, quick feet can actually slow you down because you aren’t effectively using all your power.  So the next time a speed coach tells you he uses the agility ladder to get athletes faster, run for the hills!

Myth # 2 – More Running is Always  Better

There are two common mistakes when it comes to running too much.  The first mistake is the idea that long distance running will make you faster.  Sprinting is explosive.  You’re not going to get faster and more explosive by running very slow for long distances.  The body doesn’t work that way.

The second mistake athletes make is turning their speed sessions into conditioning and endurance training.  Real speed training requires a lot less volume or distance then you might think.  When it comes to getting faster, more isn’t always better.  Instead, focus on quality and effort over quantity.

Myth # 3 – You can’t teach speed

Some parents have been led to believe that you can’t teach speed. You’re either born fast or slow and there’s not much you can do about it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a ton of factors that will help improve your speed including: relative body strength, force application, stride frequency and stride length. In fact, at GameChanger, we have seen some of our athletes go from the slowest kids on the team to one of the fastest. So don’t believe that “you can’t teach speed”. Speed is a skill, just like hitting a baseball or shooting a basketball. With proper training & practice, you will see a big difference in your speed & agility.

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